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The Full Story


I'm Hayden Hewlett, and am one of the veteran team members of the best Real Estate Team in Utah, Red Sign Team. I love real estate with a passion. I love helping people with their goals and needs in real estate!


Most of the happiest, intelligent, and wealthy people I have ever met have made their fortune in real estate. Real Estate isn't a "get rich quick" strategy and isn't always sexy, but it's one of the most secure investments in the past 100 years in America.  


One of my functions on our team on top of the normal day-to-day of helping people buy and sell homes is new construction, finding land, and helping people work with our team to get their home built the way they need and want. The great state of Utah is no longer a secret and I've helped people from all over the country sell, buy, build, invest, etc. 

I speak enough Spanish to get into some trouble and have lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm now fortunate enough to have been back (with more plans of continued travel to Argentina) helping with some international real estate needs with the leaders of our team. (Our team owners also have ownership in several Keller Williams Brokerages in Buenos Aires and the surrounding area.)

I grew up in American Fork, UT although I'm a Lone Peak High School Alumni, and currently live in Salem, UT with my wife and 4 kids. My wife and I started a Podcast (The Hewlett House) in 2022 to discuss our Journey, life lessons, and relationship(s). We enjoy doing this together.


I have a degree in business marketing and am obsessed with business, helping others, growth, overcoming obstacles, making a difference, and leaving a legacy behind. 


In addition to being born and bred in Utah, I have lived all over Utah County. I love the amazing state of Utah and grew to appreciate "home" even more after nearly visiting every state in the country as I traveled and taught others about Real Estate.

Some of my favorite things about real estate are working with clients and watching things come together and see how a new home/location can be one of those things that are "meant to be" for people. Buying and selling a home is usually somewhere in the TOP 10 Favorite things in a person's life and I'm passionate about these experiences.

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I strive to do real estate at the highest level. Real estate sales is at my core with a mission to help my clients build legacy wealth by making great real estate decisions. From sales, investments, new construction & developments I am here to help every step of the way.

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